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Posted on May 22, 2018

Established in 1989, Suraj Marbles is one of the pioneer companies in the natural stone sector and has since acquired a deep experience of thirty long and successful years. This experience led us to evolving and adapting many unique beliefs in our ways of working. In order to keep customer satisfaction at the center of all that we do, we decided to evolve as a 'boutique' firm - where your needs as a marble buyer become our personal priority.

The marble that comes from the quarries across the world is never homogeneous and has its own set of limitations and beautiful qualities. However, we at Suraj Marbles filter out the best of the best by choosing only the 'A quality marble blocks'. Once that is done, we closely scrutinize and inspect even the A quality of stones, handpicking the most perfect raw blocks and ensuring that only the premium quality you deserve is what goes into your homes.

Furthermore we ensure that each and every square foot of marble slab gets the best processing at our facility in Kishangarh. This process in enabled by two things - one, our cutting-edge marble processing technology, and two, our highly trained personnel that oversee the entire processing personally to ensure that supreme quality is maintained. Here, we cut a lot of our material in 18 mm thickness, thereby keeping shoulder to shoulder with the global standards of marble processing and quality.

As a family owned and family driven company, Suraj Marbles is a unique boutique marble firm that provides you with best of services in terms of marble purchase. During your visit here, you will be personally attended by members of the top management who will help you in every step of your marble purchase - from selection, to purchase to material verification and the final dispatching.

Our belief in total transparency in our operations and our commitment to the buyer's convenience and satisfaction ensure that you make the most well-informed marble buying decisions at our firm. We offer you the technology for lot verification if and when needed, with a personal advisor who shall check and ensure the quality of the lots alongside with you.

Come visit us at Kishangarh and experience a personalized marble purchase experience of utmost satisfaction unlike any other.