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Why Kishangarh? - The Nation's Center for the Best of Marble.

Posted on May 22, 2018

Once a small town in the desert state of Rajasthan, Kishangarh is the country's center for marble trade. Its name is synonymous today with high quality industrial standard processed marble that cannot be found in the same quantity, nor quality, anywhere else in the country. The special focus on marble quality at Kishangarh is a direct result of various historical factors, including the emergence of some big marble players in the region early on. There are a number of eminent marble processing units in the area that are experts at handling and processing huge quantities of marble on a per day basis to meet the growing demands of a developing India. Apart from being a major infrastructural asset for the growth of our nation, Kishangarh is also serving as an employment destination for skilled workers in the area who have witnessed generations of work related to marble processing and have unique skills that complement their craft.

Kishangarh is also the center for premium marble imported from the most sought after locations in the world, such as Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Iran, China, Africa, Turkey and more. As a hub for most of the market's marble import, Kishangarh has grown over the years into a developed city with immense infrastructural acumen.

The presence of a high number of efficient and reputable marble units in this region and a highly competitive environment offer another great advantage - competitive pricing. Here, one can find the best of quality at the best of prices. In comparison to other local markets, the prices at which one can buy marble here at Kishangarh are cheaper due to a greater stockpile and diligent maintenance that enhances the quality, thereby giving you the same marble at a reasonable price.

As the source of a majority of marble trades in India, general buyers, businessmen, architects, end-users, etc. stand to gain heavily by direct dealing in the region. There are great benefits to purchasing marble directly from Kishangarh, not just financially but also in terms of time conservation. As a marble buyer or businessman, one is usually apprehensive of travelling to far off destinations to purchase marble blocks, and as a result they end up paying much more for the same quality in local markets.

But with Kishangarh's immense development over the years, it now has a great number of convenient travel routes, varying from air connectivity to three major National Highways to frequent train stoppages. Now, buyers can very conveniently travel to and from Kishangarh without disturbing their routines much, and here they can witness firsthand the quality of marble and make well informed decisions.

In this regard, one of the great problems faced by buyers when it comes to the purchase of marble lots is the verification of quality. Every 'lot' of marble contains massive slabs that may contain variations since marble is a natural product. As a result, it is often not possible for buyers who buy from their local market to confirm the quality and texture of the lots. However, at Kishangarh in many facilities this issue comes with a solution.

Due to the high-end marble processing technology that is available at the factories here at Kishangarh, the buyers have full access to quality verification. The entire lot of marble can be checked for textures and consistency through individual slabs. Thereby, the quality of the marble can be re-affirmed before purchase itself. This enables the end-users to make highly informed decisions before making purchases, which is not so easily possible in their local markets.

Needless to say, marble buyers stand to gain on many fronts through the purchase of marble directly from Kishangarh.