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How to select the perfect marble for your space?

Posted on June 14, 2018

Marble has become a prevailing choice for living as well as working space nowadays. Marble makes your space look far more beautiful, elegant and gives it a sense of luxury as . Marble could be used in a number of ways; either as slabs to enhance the beauty of your kitchen or as flooring to make your space look much more splendid & lavish. But selecting the perfect marble for your space is not at all an easy to go task. There is an immense variety of marble available out there in the market; a wide range of colors, textures and most important: prices may leave you all muddled. Selecting the best option involves analyzing many details in order to make your space look perfectly organized. So here we are with some tips on how to make selection of marble easier!

A marble that matches your decor!

As your primary cause behind using a marble instead of any other stone is to make your space look more magnificent, so your first consideration should be to see what matches the best to your overall decor. Look for a color and texture that compliments the other elements of your interior. Even a little bit of mismatch may lead to an undesirable & unsystematic look. We, at Suraj Marble, provide our clients with a wide choice of colors like white, beige, red etc. in a variety of textures assisting you to achieve your desired look.

How much maintenance is needed?

It is a well-known fact that a marble needs much more maintenance than any other stone. But choosing the right marble can help you reduce your burden of maintenance. Look for a marble that is acid and stain resistant, as well as one that needs comparatively less maintenance. Our staff is always available to guide our clients on what would be most convenient to them according to their choice and budget.

Product Quality

There is a huge variety of marble in the market from low grade to supreme quality just like any other product. We ensure that we provide our clients with the supreme quality of marble and other stones. We source premium quality natural stones - marble, onyx and travertine blocks from different corners of the world.

Slip Resistance

No one wants a living space that might make them uncomfortable or make them slip-up. So if you are planning to use marble for your flooring than the most significant matter that you should keep in your mind is searching for the variety that is slip resistance providing you luxury without compromising with your safety and comfort.


Everyone looks for feasible & pocket-friendly products, which makes cost of the marble a vital factor. Be clear about what's your budget and try to find the marble that is most suitable to your budget. But, some extent of highs & lows in price should surely not be a problem when it comes to a quality-product.

We cater our services to provide our clients with natural stones that not only match their decor but also suits their budget! We set customer satisfaction as our priority and work towards fulfilling it. Our staff caters their continuous and concentrated efforts to meet the needs and requirements of our clients in the best possible way, making it easy for them to opt for the best option for their living space.