Journey Of Marble

It takes immense pressure, heat and hundreds of years to form something as beautiful as marble. The various steps of marble processing are listed down:

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Step 1 – Extraction from Quarries

Locating a potential site for quarrying is one major step. Using our high standard mining techniques, raw marble stones are extracted. Suraj Marbles ensures the delivery of promising quality marble that is rightly processed and finished.

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Step 2 – Transportation

Marble being very heavy cargo is transported as tile or slab. We use the most modernized and reliable shipment sources for transportation of the best natural stones.

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Step 3 – Receipt and Storage of Raw Blocks

The raw marble blocks that are received at factory site are unloaded in the gantry yard using our high-tech Gantry Cranes.

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Step 4 – Dressing of Irregular Blocks

Our top-quality dressing machine operator dresses the marble block from all the sides to remove the irregularities and natural defects.

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Step 5 – Sawing process by Gang-Saws

The dressed blocks are shifted to the Gang-Saw trolley which are fixed using a wooden wedge and mixture of Gypsum with wooden wool at the desired angle.

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Step 6 – Epoxy Resin

The slabs are dried in the heating chambers and high quality resin is applied after which vacuumization is done in order to remove air bubbles.

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Step 7 – Movement of Processed Blocks

We use high performance forklifts and cranes to handle the raw or finished natural stone slabs present in the factory premises.

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Step 8 – Display and storage of processed slabs

To provide you with the best stones we have a spacious, intact and substantial storage space that is approximately of 1 lakh square feet.

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Final Step – Beautiful Natural Stones adorning your homes and commercial spaces

Accessorize and beautify your flooring, walls, backsplash, deck and patio with the diverse patterns of marble brought to you by Suraj Marbles.